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Meet the designer

Katia Plewnia is the owner & designer behind the label LABOUR OF ART - Leather Goods

Put your childhood in a bag and play 

In my father’s shipyard, on the edge of Lake Constance, there were always plenty of places to explore and materials to play with. Armed with curiosity and my trusty bag I would pick up bits and pieces and carry them to a spot where I could use my imagination to bring them to life.

Floating Shapes

Surrounded by wood, water, greenery and all the extraordinary elements associated with ship design and building, I grew to love the interesting patterns that nature and construction had to offer. These elements have informed how I design today and the materials I use. The raw edges and floating shapes of my bags might resemble the hills, a stream or the clouds. This is my way of expressing the beauty of life when I cannot put it into words.

Creative background

Having worked as a graphic designer for many years, I gradually developed an interest in working with paper, wood, textiles and leather. While experimenting with different natural materials, I explored various crafting techniques, from bookbinding and silk screening to sewing. Eventually I combined these manual skills with new technologies, such as laser cutting and 3d printing. These skills come into play with my leather patched canvas bags, engraved quotes on straps and my leather accessory pendants.