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Most things ‘industrial’ are considered to have their basis in simplicity and practicality. Function over form. Hard unforgiving edges. Steel, concrete, brick and wood. My Soft Industrial line is my take on functionality, with its edginess and practicality, but tempered with the supple and pliable nature of leather. Each bag showing not only that form need not be lost when functionality is key, but that the tones of rust or wood or metal are beautiful in their own right. 

Bags with character

I am inexorably drawn to the simple lines, raw and weathered look of vintage tools and materials. Weathered wood, rusty metals, hard lines They remind me of deserted places of dust and rust, that tell the story of forgotten craftsmanship and hard labour. This is the feeling I endeavour to capture with my signature Soft Industrial collection. Sturdy leathers with irregularities that build up character with time and use. The bags start with their own history and eventually they recount your own.


In the same way that soft industrial seem to be two words that contradict each other, so too do raw and sensual. This is what I love about design; that you can challenge people’s perceptions of the right and wrong way to use a material. Incorporating both sides of the leather in each piece of this range, there’s something uncensored about how the leather is presented. Nothing is off limits. There is also a sensuality to the leather when used in this way along with the beautiful tones of palest pink, buff and deep chocolate, occasionally interspersed with a strong colour to rouse the senses.

Sweet memories, wild stories or great thoughts you might want to carry with you. Treasure and keep them in one of the many pockets in the bags of my Raw Sensual collection. Playing with the possibilities of the flat constructed tote which shows off both sides of the leather; the gently textured suede and supple smooth grained surface. A pretty colour palette of soft naturals and pastels that stand in contrast to nature’s perfectly imperfect edges.