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About Labour of Art

My atelier

All my products are designed and crafted by me, Katia Plewnia, owner of ‘Labour of Art’. My labour takes place in my workshop that is located in the heart of Utrecht (The Netherlands). The LOA workshop is part of the creative hub called ‘DRUK’. We built this hub in 2014, as a collaboration of 19 creative entrepeneurs. One of the joys of DRUK is, that it contains a built in shop at its coffeeplace to showcase and sell my products.

Invitation to play

Every piece created by Labour of Art is unique. It is the exploration of opportunities in design as influenced by the landscape of the materials. I’m not interested in production line perfection. For me each bag is a joy because it pushes me to an ever mindful state, where I know that I cannot take my materials for granted, nor can I simply cut away anything that doesn’t ‘fit’. For me, the joy of these bags is that, like us all, they are the same and yet not the same and in that sense they encourage us to seek out what is beautiful about each piece, as we should do with each other. This, and their capacious quality means they can be beautiful in their own right and also be filled with beautiful things that we might learn also not to take for granted.